It is 3:12 a.m. as I begin writing this. I have a 5k to do in about five hours. I am not sleepy. It isn’t because I’m excited about the race or that I had too much coffee (actually, not so much coffee today), but because I am thinking about what it means to be my best self.

Ever think about that?

What does it mean to exceed your own perceived limitations?

And why do that?

Why not?

Why aren’t you?

I know that I’m rather hit-and-miss. Some areas are rockin’ right along, others, well, my aim is not true and I’m not doing so well. And where I’m missing the mark – it’s all on me. No one else is to blame. At. All. Period.

I’ve made statements and promises to myself to hit that mark….and I have not done what I need to do to be successful. When this happens – belief and confidence in my self withers a bit. Every time I do NOT do what I need to do, a little more is taken away. It is a simple formula:

To excel and evolve:

Do –> achieve goal –> success –> confidence

To have to repeat the class:

Don’t do –> don’t achieve goal –> failure –> disbelief in self

Shit. It seems so basic. Why EVER have to repeat the class?