ok. I’m done being quiet with this. I’m going to raise my voice. No…not about politics…not about religion…but another highly heated topic that is sure to rile up a few people.

How to lose weight.

I was going to wait until the weight was gone so that I was living proof of what I’m about to write about…then I decided to break THAT silence too. PAH! I did this to lose my first 80…now I’m working on the next 80.

By the way… I’ve lost 10 pounds since 1/5/10 by doing it “this way.”

FIRST: Losing weight is about personal responsibility. Losing weight is about your own power. There are no excuses. None. I won’t listen to them. Either you want to change, or you don’t.

THAT is the most difficult part to grab a hold of and run with. This first step is where most fail.

SECOND: The practical application is simple. Calories in…calories out. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie. It does not matter if they are carb cals, protein cals or fat cals. Dairy cals or leafy green cals or mooing on your plate cals.
They are all the same…a calorie is a calorie.

Nope…you can’t argue with me on this one…a calorie is a calorie. It is a measurement…

THAT being said…of course, the quality of the calorie DOES count for your physical and mental health. So, yes, you DO want those calories to be the BEST you can muster…for yourself. So maybe you need to have more protein calories…ok. Or maybe you can not tolerate wheat (that’s called Celiac Disease), so you can’t eat a lot of that – so you focus on rice…ok. Maybe you can’t take in dairy…ok…. all that is ok…there really is no magic formula…

Many will TRY to tell you there is this wondrous grapefruit…or beet…or cabbage…because if you want to believe them they make lots of money off of you (buying their books etc…)…but what you eat and the combination in which you eat…is very very personal. Like political views or religion.

ok…how MANY calories?

Use this: http://nutrition.about.com/library/bl_nutrition_guide.htm

That link will give you the info you need to know your numbers….and it gives you some other info as well.

What I have learned is that you need to EAT in order to lose weight. I know I’ve said that before…but if you do not take in the right amount of calories for your body, you will not lose, or stop losing weight.

Yes, this means you will need to read labels and track what you are eating. You can write it in a notebook or use an online tool. Spark People has a GREAT free program.

As an example of my 1600-ish calorie take-in for today:

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs and 2 turkey sausages
(you GOTTA eat breakfast…don’t make me write a post on that TOO!!!!!)
Morning snack: Drinkable yogurt
Lunch: home made potato soup, roast beef wrapped around cheese, veggies in Tzatziki
afternoon snack: yogurt
(but didn’t really want this, but I forgot to pack my Turkey Jerky)
another afternoon snack: 49 pistachios (yes 49 pistachios…VERY good for the body)
Currently eating dinner which is a huge bowl of taco soup WITH regular cheese and FF sour cream.

(note: tomorrow I will probably have more ‘fruit and veggie’ meals…I go back and forth so as not to get bored with the same ol’, same ol’…)

AND…I still have 259 calories to consume later this evening…a glass of wine? hm…I could have two glasses of wine… Maybe some ice cream… cookies? Meet a friend for coffee and have a mocha latte WITH whipped cream? hmmm I just looked it up…I could have a cup of coffee AND a chocolate glazed donut. Tempting. I will probably have A glass of wine and a few more nibbles…I’m satisfied just knowing I COULD have a donut if I wanted to put forth the effort to go get one.

See? By knowing how many calories I need to consume AND by tracking them AND by making the best choices for myself 80% of the time…I have room for treats…so that I can still enjoy those things I find yummy. 🙂

Enough with the deprivation and the sorrow. It isn’t about what we are “giving up”…it is about who and how we want to be…but like I said…THAT is the first thing to grab a hold of.