So…last I wrote I was committed to walking every morning through out December…

and then it got really really cold and I didn’t have the best clothing to walk to work and stay warm. So, I ditched my plan. I’m ok with that. Between the deep frost days and then the rain THEN a headcold, I decided to stay warm and dry until I felt better.

December brought in a LOT of work…three weekends in a row of craft fair vending – this while still working 40 hours a week. I was exhausted by Christmas. Made it to New Year’s, but still trying to get past a cold…

The very good news is that I was well by my birthday! Hu RAH! I actually had three celebrations…One day out with friends to see Avatar for the third time and dinner at an Indian restaurant. The next day Josh and I and a couple other friends spent the day in San Francisco…then on my actual birthday I met a new friend for coffee and then Josh and I went out to dinner.  A fantastic weekend!!

I took vacation time for the rest of my “birthday week” and just thought about a lot of things.

I’ve decided that this is the year of “Doing.” Enough said.

One thing I’ve been thinking about DOING is to paint. Here are some of my first pieces…none will win awards or acclaim, but I’m very pleased with them nonetheless. I tossed out the Editor and just painted.

Here’s a wild dragon fly. If nothing else…I feel I did well on the values on the body! What can I say, I was totally getting used to the paint! (Gouache – multi-color collection on sale at Michael’s for $3.00)

My first dragon fly painting

While painting the wild dragonfly, I had another idea…a lone leaf stuck to a tree. So here’s “Stuck”…

Yeah, like I said – no one will be buying these anytime soon!! 😀

THEN, yesterday literally without much thought I began to draw a mandala. It just “happened.” Not a lot of thought, it just flowed. The whole process was very neat. I plan on painting this in…

I am much better at always having a camera with me. I now carry my little Nikon Coolpix…here’s a shot I took that I want to make into a painting –

Enough writing! Time to go DO!