Either I didn’t set my alarm last night, or, I turned it off as soon as it went off…I don’t know. Woke up a bit late…but undaunted still pulled myself together and got out door EARLIER than yesterday…7:30am. Today I wore my Nike iPod attachment…a cool gizmo that counts up your mileage, pace and if you like, calories burned. All geared up andout the door.

Can you see the kitty? He was grumpy.

brrrr…cold morning…getting up late kinda ruffled my focus…so it was good to be walking. Spied a white kitty hunkered down on a porch, wanted to get a shot, but that would mean walking on another persons property…so I took the shot above of a very grumpy looking orange cat. He’s been in the neighborhood for awhile. Not saying that is what makes him grumpy, he just has an attitude!

Folsom Blvd at 7:40 am...kinda empty.

Streets were empty….we have “furlough Fridays” around here…State and City of Rancho Cordova take Fridays off to ‘save money’.  I can think of other ways that the government can save money…but that isn’t the focus of THIS blog! 😉

I decided to cut through parking lots…walking more ‘as the crow flies’…by the time I arrived at Starbucks (close to work) it had only taken me 30 minutes to go approximately two miles. Not bad. I had time to sit down and enjoy my tall triple latte!

It’s all good…I’ll be walking back to the light rail station today, so there’s another two-ish miles and taking the train up to Nimbus Winery…we have a booth there – Josh will have been working there all day so I’ll need to get up there to give him a break.

Such is my “Day 2 of 20″…

See you on Monday (Day 3).