I’ve been wanting to get focused on my work-out regimen…wanting, but not doing much about it. I’ve been allowing many other things to take priority. I watch The Biggest Loser faithfully, and after how many season ? , I  finally received the message that the participants have always come to realize:

Your own self, your being is the most important priority. Nothing else. Until you fully take care of your self you can NOT take care of others…

and I consider my own dreams/goals/visions to be a part of “others” to take care of.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get some sort of work out in most days of the week, and I’ve been overlooking the obvious. It came together when I received an email at work…we were granted “Tennis Shoe” Days to the end of the year.

a HA  I can wear walking shoes…I can walk during breaks… OHHHH I can walk to work. 2.2 miles….and with three Starbucks along the way, plenty of ways to grab a cup of coffee… 😀

I have twenty working days until the end of the year. I will walk all 20 days UNLESS THERE IS A TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR…but that isn’t likely. At the very least I will put in 2.2 miles. Most days I will attempt to put in another 2.2 miles on my way home (due to busy schedule hubby may pick me up from work on some days).

So, that is my plan. I’m posting this out in the world as a way to keep myself accountable…and perhaps, inspire a few along the way!

Day 1

Today…woke up EARLY. What’s up with that? Decided to go ahead and get up and make a pot of coffee. Poured a cup and went out front to sit on my porch. It was both frosty and foggy outside…the full moon blazing down from the Northwest sky. Just gorgeous. I had a quick conversation with my Universe-Self…and then went back inside to get ready for the day.

Left the house at 7:40am…not too sure that I gave myself enough time…we’ll see.

What a fantastic experience…the fog…listening to my iPod, Shiva in Exile and Azam Ali, the sun rising…all good. Very good. Stopped in at Starbucks and grabbed a tall triple latte…I think I’ll add a ‘take one picture’ feature to my plan here…that way I get a bit of photography in as well! 🙂

The other thing I want to offer up…I have received comments from others that they too want to get with a program…Feel free to leave a comment on what step you have done today to be active…yoga class? Zumba? Free weight workout? A few rounds of boxing? Whatever… leave a comment…let’s get a positive support system going!