Wow. I haven’t contributed anything to my blog for a week? Well, yes. I’ve been pondering many things. Keeping them internal – but now it is time for a few things to come out. WishCasting is going to kick these ponderings out into the open.

Jamie Ridler asks; “What is your winter wish?”

Well…in a month it will be my 49th birthday. Then, in a year, I will be 50. Six years ago, I made up my mind to let go of my extra weight for good…I made a GREAT start…but have gained most of it back. I SO want to be HOT HOT HOT at 50. No outside pressure to be HOT at 50…it’s my own decision.

With everything going on in my life I have found many excuses not to put the care of my physical being first. I have LIED about that…that icecream and hamburgers IS taking care of me. That hedonistic eating habits comfort me. But it isn’t.

This afternoon at work, we received an email that we are going to be allowed casual dress (which means we can wear athletic shoes!) for the remainder of the year. I live 2.2 miles from where I work…put it together. For the month of December I am going to walk to and from work…every day (rainy season really won’t start until Jan/Feb)…then after that, I will take up running again.

The plan is to stay focused, and to emerge 30-40 pounds lighter in the Spring…and then continue on with my work-outs…and once again…train to run half-marathons. I’ve run two…I know I can do it. I’ve done it before. I’ve lost the weight before…

So my winter wish is to stay focused on me. During a season where the impetus is to give to others, and that is a noble activity, it is so imperative for me to pay attention and give to myself. I can’t wait until January 1 (or even the 4th, my birthday)…the time to begin is now.

I know I’m off to a great start…I ate an apple for my evening TV viewing snack (while watching The Biggest Loser).