It’s time for a change. I’m not sure what yet…but changes are necessary.

I have already begun the process…cleaned out some Facebook connections. I take the term “social application” literally, I figure if I have not been ‘social’ with someone, why have a connection on Facebook? I’ve heard some people that I’m “friends” with say; “Oh, I don’t even look at my Facebook anymore.” Ok…”delete.” No grumpy feelings on my part at all…just housecleaning. I’ve deleted names on my chat lists too because I never chat with those individuals. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “oh, I’m online, just hidden…” So why be online? Are you stalking your friends? “Delete.”

I’m noticing people becoming angry and hurt that I have ‘un-friended’, or ‘de-chatted’… It’s Facebook people…it’s google chat everyone…I’m still here, feeling friendly, open to hanging out. I just can’t do these ‘social applications’ any longer.

That being said, I AM still connected to long-distance associates…and the business (Kewish Designs) will still have an internet presence.

I feel like going retro. Maybe I’ll make a stand against all currently established social applications.

Phones are to use to set up face time with others.

If I feel like writing you a letter, I will write it down, put it in an envelope, purchase a stamp and mail it to you.

The irony is…I do have friends where emails are the easiest way to communicate. We’ve got a good thing going so I’m not going to eliminate that from my life. Also, I really like having a blog. So this stays…although this look is going to change too…or I’ll just put all my time and energy over on the Kewish Designs site…

It’s all good…and I’ll figure it out!