Jamie Ridler…wow…for Wishcasting Wednesday she asks:

What do you wish to dare?

My first thought was that game of “Truth or Dare”….


“mmmmmm….okay…I DARE you to kiss Tony.”

And thus my first kiss happened. ON A DARE!! No magical romantic teen moment…a DARE.

ok…that memory has passed.

I look at the question again and see, WHAT do you wish to dare? WHAT about me do I dare…and dare to do what? Dare comes from the Greek word tharsos, which means courage. What part of me needs some extra courage…to be dared to come out?

I wish to dare to let go of second-guessing myself. I dare myself to go more with that first gut instinct. Whatever it may be.

“I think I’ll call my friend to go out to dinner…no….she may be busy.”

“I think I’ll do a 15 minute power walk during my break…no…I’d rather get another cup of coffee.”

“I think I’ll buy this sexy gorgeous dress….no…I can buy 10 t-shirts for the same price…”

I dare myself to start power walking during breaks and wear that sexy gorgeous dress when I go out to dinner with my friend.

I wish to dare to act on my gut instincts…