I have an intense interest in anything warrior. Samurai…Native American warriors….the hero’s quest…Joseph Campbell’s thoughts on the subject…Paulo Coehlo.

About a year ago I did a search on ‘warrior’ and one of the hits was a booked entitled  “The Craft of the Warrior” by Robert L. Spencer.

I read the excerpts and was hooked…ordered the book.

In the Introduction, the author says:


The quest for personal power is a quest for evolution,

not for domination.

It is a quest designed to bring you face to face with your magnificence.

And on that note. I was captivated.

This book is well loved. I have passages underlined and highlighted and circled … with many handwritten notes in the margins. I am about to begin another round of reading and contemplating.

At some point tonight I was reading someone’s thoughts…and another and another….all talking about the dark night of the soul.  In the middle of whipping up examples of my own dark nights – I thought; “Why do we not ever explore the bright day of our being?”

The concept of the dark night of the soul is from a poem written by a Carmelite priest. So, one person’s experience with his belief in his god has touched on generations of mystics.


I have bought into this concept. And it really has not added to my life.

One of the things about living the life of a warrior is to make discoveries. Great discoveries are made by stepping out over the line and going beyond boundaries. So, I’m wondering about the night/day boundary. It is time to let go of the dark night and wander around a bit in the daylight.

You will discover barriers to manifesting this magnificence,

and you will find that you need to change your mind.

These are not limitations.

They are problems you can solve.

(Robert L. Spencer)