"unsafe area" photography by Lisa Kewish

"unsafe area" photography by Lisa Kewish

I’ve been snoozing a lot due to running a fever. Staying at home, resting.

Yesterday while snoozing I had an interesting dream/vision/image in my mind. The vision appeared on its own without my conscious conjuring it into existence.

I saw myself in a future scenario. Call it a personal goal if you will. The image was clear and sharp…I was enjoying seeing this future me! And then, a mesh, or screen, covered the image. In the middle of the screen was a  post-it like note, with a belief written on it. I read the belief and thought, “hey…that is totally in the way, it is stopping me from that goal…” Then, another screen appeared with another note…and another belief. This happened six times. Layers of screens with different beliefs covering my future goal.

I “woke-up”. I “woke-up” in many ways!

The erroneous beliefs I have are keeping me from my goals. I know there are many places to  read about this, and to correct incorrect beliefs, I have never really paused long enough to really SEE this happening in my life.

I have this idea in mind. Cut out a picture representing a future goal, then being very honest with myself, cover the picture with post-it notes of what is in between my present and my future.

Interesting that the more I think of this…and my limiting beliefs…the better I begin to feel.

Probably the most interesting goal to deal with will be to live from absolute self-power. There are many post-it notes between now and absolute self-power.