For some of us, today is the New Year.

This post is not specifically about that. This post is about honoring my inner wisdom with regards to the beginning of something new.

I have known that something new was looming in my field of awareness and I’ve been resisting it. I’ve actually used the idea that I’ve been incredibly distracted. So many things to do, people to connect with, business details, work challenges, a motorcycle to learn to ride. All this stuff and I have been pushing back the inevitable. While pushing, my inner world has become darker and darker. Some would call that depression. I call it darkness. Darkness and depression are not the same.

Darkness is simply being without light. And this darkness isn’t a “night-time” kind of darkness, it is more of a ‘deep in a cave’ kind of darkness. A cave my inner thoughts have gone to while my physical being bounds around in the material world.

The ‘something new’ that is looming still defies definition. I’m not even sure what is coming in…but after reading Slade Roberson’s post today…and starting to read The Gospel According to Coco Chanel (Karen Karbo) and Infinite Possibilities (Mike Dooley)…(I know, this trio seems like very strange bedfellows, but it is working for me…), I can feel the darkness in the cave lightening up.

Note: I do not believe that it takes hours of meditation, or hours spent with a guru, or an expensive retreat…to get to these inner realizations…it just takes the desire for an answer. As I fell asleep last night I simply asked myself for some guidance to make my way out of my own darkness. Several things easily unfolded to me as I have begun my day.

I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing year.