My ninth commandment for myself is to be careful as to what feelings I attach to events. My perception of an event is going to be colored by my own biases and knowledge of others. There may be more than one reason for something occuring. I can’t get stuck to my one reason and then get emotional over it. This goes in either direction – either not knowing enough about a situation, or thinking too much of it.

I have to admit that this may be one of my more difficult ‘commandments’ to remember and to honor. I have an extremely vivid imagination and I tend to believe it! This said imagination is fantastic for creative endeavors, for visioning, for bringing ideas in from the ethers into material form…but I often mis-use this imagination when it comes to live events. When I don’t have enough information about a situation I tend to fill in the blanks…and then I attach feelings to these events…and then….

Writing this out is good…it will remind me to stand guard when it comes to my internal life.