My sixth commandment for myself is to not balk* at the uphills. Honestly – currently I DO balk, but I know, from training for half-marathons, that the best results come from training sessions involving uphills and or/stairs.

Downhills DO demand a certain set of muscles groups, but running or walking (sometimes dancing) UPHILL  is a most amazing workout. The bonus points are the the view from the top of said hill/set of stairs.

Days that seem to grind away at my spirit, challenges that taunt me, friends who become scarce, putting myself into new environments where I initially feel clueless as to how to maneuver…are all a part of the Uphills. I work through them and discover that I have inner-resources that have been dormant for who knows how long.

Frankly, my past work week was a serious Uphill. The corporation I work for was sold to another corporation. We are going through the migration Uphills. I have not developed the muscles needed (yet) to get up this hill. Discouraged and full of self-pity, I tucked myself away in the cafeteria. A co-worker found me and pointed out that when all is said and done, we will have gained knowledge of how to deal with this situation, and be a stronger employee for it. Good point. Doesn’t always make the day-to-day ‘easy’, but to look at the current environment as the Uphill tweaks my point-of-view just enough to bring out the athlete in me.

One evolves on the Uphills. Don’t balk…take ’em on.

(* “balk” – failure of a player to complete a motion.)