My second commandment for myself is to allow results to happen organically. This is my most vexing commandment as, frankly, I want what I want when I want and how I want. This allows no room for other’s wants/needs/desires. Ok…I am selfish. I get ideas in my head of how great an outcome could be if “the following game plan is followed.”

But enough about me. Let’s talk about tomatoes.

I used to grow tomatoes. Started with seeds, grew the seedlings, planted the seedlings in homemade compost, watered the plants, pulled the green worms off of them (those suckers HISS), carefully placed cages around the growing plants, etc. I could control a lot about the growing of tomatoes. But I could not control the size and shape of the tomatoes. I would harvest strange mutant looking things…double globes…foldy…sometimes almost flat. I’m sure there is a way to care for tomatoes to get ’rounder’ results – but I didn’t have that knowledge. Despite all the variations on shape, I still allowed the tomatoes to just grow and develop into their own unique shapes.

I let go of wanting what I wanted out of a home-grown tomato.You can still make an amazing salsa from a goofy looking tomato.