It’s Wishcasting Wednesday and Jamie Ridler’s question is “What do you wish to share?”

And I was stumped. So, I sat outside and gazed at the moon…and thought about what I wished to share. It finally came to me. I want to share one of my photographs…

we're in it together

we're in it together

I took this shot during a beautiful weekend in Santa Cruz, California. I was out on the pier and these two women were wading in the water together. I can’t help but see all of us out there wading in the water of the world, coming together at times to just be together. We are all in it together.

Now…this really not so easy for me to look at as my world of friends is currently topsy-turvy. I’m in the process of shifting a lot of energy and there are many who are not able to keep up and seem to be fading away. While I have mourned the losses, I’m looking forward to making new friends. This picture just really says what I am looking for…individuals who will stand in life with me…

ok…and the other thing I want to share is the secret to great sweet potato dishes (we ARE coming into the yam/sweet potato casserole season)….BAKE your sweet potatoes. Don’t toss them in the microwave, don’t boil them…BAKE them. When they cook in their own juices they are tastier and yummier and everything-er.

ok…that’s what I wish to share! 🙂