SpiritSail - Copper, reticulated silver and Pietersite

SpiritSail - Copper, reticulated silver and Pietersite

Usually I read Jamie’s blog for “Wishcasting Wednesday” early Wednesday mornings and drive to work thinking about the wish posted for the day…but I see her post late Tuesday evening and now I have the luxury to think about her words.

What luxury do you wish for?

First thought was MONEY! Enough to build a studio, or rent a space, or buy a home with the space, or rent. (Right now my dining room serves as a metalsmithing studio!!) And this money would also pay for supplies and this money would also pay for venues to show at…and…and…

But what good is all of that unless I have an luxurious amount of self-confidence in myself?

I choose self-confidence over happiness and contentment and joy. Why? Because I believe that happiness, contentment and joy can be rather elusive. Things happen that side-swipe the soul. Things happen that can make pain deep inside the heart. Things happen, life happens. Besides, you can not know contentment unless you have felt discontent…joy is nothing unless you know sadness…happiness can be difficult when pre-menopausal hormones are raging!! πŸ˜€

So…I think an excess of confidence may be my ticket. That way, regardless of what is going on inside of me, or outside of me…I would be confident that joy, happiness and contentment will land in my heart again. And confidence that whether there is money in the bank account or not…that I will be able to still be a strong woman and ride out anything that may come my way…

So I wish for the luxury of powerful self-confidence.