In theatrical improvisation there is an attitude of always saying “yes.” That is what keeps the story and action moving forward. Saying “yes” to what is offered. Just spend some time watching “Whose Line is it Anyway” and you can see “yes” in action.

Life should be the same way. Saying “yes” to opportunities.

“Yes” should be the response for opportunities, adventures, offerings and discoveries. “Yes” should be the attitude towards life changes and sudden transitions.

“Why, yes, and now what?” leaves more room for acceptance and learning things about one’s self. “No’s”, “don’t think so”, and “it’s not my thing”, is limits one’s experiences and keeps one from evolving. Because you never know what could happen if you accepted an invitation to something you would normally not do. The possibilities are endless.

A few years ago a friend who knows of my life and adventures introduced me to someone else. Her intro went like this; “Mary, this is Lisa. She is probably the most interesting person I know…I think that is because she tends to say yes to all kinds adventures..”

Saying “yes” is the act of grabbing silver platters that are offered and running the distance with them. Saying “yes” opens doors and allows situations to unfold with an almost magical synchronicity.

I admit, I have a very difficult time with individuals who respond with “no…or no response which is the same as “no.” I do not understand placing limits on one’s presence in the world. That is me. In a way, that is a “no” I need to work on! “No” you aren’t living right. Ok…I can own that. Yes, I can.

This is a very good point that I read on “Lifehack”:

When someone invites you to join them in something they love—and that you haven’t ever tried—what do you say? Do you take the chance to try it? Or do you politely turn them down because your time is too precious to waste on anything that you are not sure you’ll like in advance?

Learning and living are the same. When you stop learning, you start to die a little every day. There’s scientific evidence links between brain cells can re-grow at any age if you give them some exercise. Your brain is a case of “use it or lose it.” (from a post dated January 29, 2007)

Use your brain. Say “yes”. Toss the script and do some improvisation.. The world will expand, grow and you will go right along with it.