I  frequently have the desire to just go away.

My vision is that of being me –
but totally outside
of all my current roles.
Isn’t that telling right there?
I’m not a wife,
or administrative assistant…
or even a friend…
or anything.
Who am I?
Its just all about my skin moving around.
The fantasy includes throwing away my cell phone
and leave town with only a backpack
and ending up in
Who-Knows-Where Nebraska
where I dye my hair
a ridiculous blond,
lose a ton of weight,
have a foul mouth
and get tattoos.
I wear red lipstick.
Men fall for me all the time
but I take none.
I think I’m a waitress.
I start over….
just to see what I accumulate around me
(people and things).

I try to not think about this too much.