A friend recently said I was sticky. That is, I get mentally stuck on things…when I eventually let go I proceed forward quickly…but, still…perhaps there is too much time being sticky.

A few days later, my husband made a similar comment (without knowing of my friend’s observation).

Ok, I’ve begun to pay attention to things before the Universe smashes the lesson into my brain in ways that are exceedingly uncomfortable. So, with TWO messages about my sticky/stuckedness I proceeded to ponder…why?

Why am I mentally sticky?

This morning an inner answer came while giving myself a quiet moment with a cup of fantastic coffee.

I think too much about the “how”. I come up with amazing and creative challenges and goals for myself, then spend too much time thinking about the how of it rather than just getting to the doing of it.  Thinking and wondering and plotting and worrying. One big spiral downward of “how am I supposed to DO this thing?”

Well, it is in the doing that answers appear and knowledge is gained. There is nothing wrong with initial research for basic information, or taking a class to learn more…but in the end, it is about the actual doing..

One perfect example of having a goal, NOT being sticky and proceeding with my life:

About 20 years ago I went to the Carnaval parade in San Francisco. The parade is a huge street party with Latin rhythms and dancing and beautiful costumes. I said to myself; “I want to be a part of this…” but I didn’t know ‘how’. I had many other things going on in my life, so I tucked the goal away and didn’t think about the how.

I moved away from San Francisco. I wanted to dance more, but my husband doesn’t (won’t) dance and I don’t do the club scene any longer. But I still wanted to dance. I realized I could sign up for an African dance class at the local jr. college. I was pleased with my solution that once a week I get to dance with live drumming for three hours!

Bonus points, at the very first class…the instructor announces:

“I am a part of a dance troupe that performs in San Francisco’s Carnaval Parade. Anyone interested can join in…”

Of course, I joined. I’ve danced in the samba in the parade for two years now AND am one of the original members of a samba dance group that dances in the streets of Sacramento during the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

I had planted the desire, let go of the how, and proceeded to live my life. It all came back to me and in ways much bigger than my original goal.

With this knowledge about myself I now understand that these goals and desires I have need to be acted upon. Not thought about. I need to let go of the troubling, sticky “hows” and just proceed to live my life.

Answers, solutions, the ways and means will all come to me as long as I’m doing and not howing.