When I was a kid I loved to do “dot to dot” pictures. It started with a page of a conglomeration of numbered dots and you progressed through them…dot #1 to dot #2 and so forth until a picture emerged. A really great dot to dot book then suggested that you color in the picture. I never did too much coloring, but I did love finding out what the picture would be. Curiosity. Moving from dot to dot. I had to be careful. If I drew lines that were squiggly then the picture was distorted and didn’t look quite right. Straight lines and focus…finding the next number.

Life is kinda like that. We move from dot to dot. Sometimes the numbers are right there in front of us, sometimes we need to search a bit.

Sometimes I find that I have gotten myself stranded between the dots. In the past I have created drama “Where is my next dot?????” and I would drag friends out to talk and help me find the next dot. Sometimes that may be ok. We can become overwhelmed by all the dots out there.

I am currently finding myself in the middle of dots. But this time, I’m trying something new. I’m curious as to this pause between the dots. What is in the pause? What will I find? Is there a pre-ordained dot out there? Or am I to create the next dot myself? I don’t know.  It’s ok. I’ll just explore this space in between the dots.

This time I’ll just relax into it. I won’t drag a bunch of people out for coffee to find my dot. I’ll just be dotless for awhile.