I am choosing to write this post while in the middle of an intense nostalgic moment.  Something about the way the air feels, my state of mind, the music playing, the time of year – everything has come together in the present in such a way that it  reminds me of a night long ago when a friend came to visit me.

I was still living at my parent’s home, I must have been about eighteen. I was sitting alone in my room and heard a motorcycle. A few minutes later my mother knocked on my door and told me I had a visitor. I left my bedroom and walked into the living room to see my friend David sitting in the chair that my dad usually sat in. My dad was sitting at the dining room table.

David sat there like he owned the room. Which was his usual stance anywhere he went. He OWNED his self, his space, the territory that he stood on. He demanded the same from his friends. At the time I was mystified as to why he kept appearing in my life – unannounced. My mom had taken a seat at the dining room table, and I knew I would not be relaxed enough to talk with him. I suggested that we go out front to talk. David got up from the chair, gave his regards to my parents and followed me out the front door…touching the small of my back ever so gently.

David had an incredible power that emanated from his hands. Simply ‘holding hands’ with him was a intense intimate moment. At that point in my life, I had never met anyone with such power surging from a body.

We sat out front on the lawn. He caught me up on his activities, I told him of my adventures. I was just starting college and had begun to make a new round of friends. College afforded me the opportunity to meet a wider range of people.

David listened to me, nodded and commented, “In time, you will find those that will be comfortable with you.”

Interesting comment. I haven’t thought about that statement in years.

He always did say the most interesting things to me. Always made me see myself in a bit of a different light. This is the one thing that I probably miss the most about him. He was a most unique, powerful and surging mirror in my life. Tonight feels like the kind of night…that he would appear unannounced. In a way, I know I’ve come of age…it is my time to to be unique, powerful and surging…frankly, it is way passed time! Still…I’ve witnessed how these traits can be in a person…wonder at times, if I’m even close. I wonder how people I know would react if I appeared on their doorstep unannounced.

Now would be a great time for David to appear, if he could. My heart actually hurts, knowing this will never happen.

RIP David.