I’m a list maker. I love lists. My favorite list is the list of things I want to do, accomplish, study, experience etc…during the course of my lifetime. I add to it constantly…it’s even more fun when I review the list and can mark things off. I just write ideas down and then proceed with my life. I don’t really come up with a plan to accomplish any of these things. Yet, I do.

I decided to expand this list idea. A couple weeks ago I wrote a two year in the future journal entry. I had a great time writing it and I have it at the front of my current journal. I read it almost every day. The future life I picture for myself is actually makes me feel extremely relaxed and happy.

A couple days ago I read another post of a FIVE YEAR look ahead. I like that idea…

The original post can be found on Slade Roberson’s site: http://sladeroberson.com/manifesting/writing-your-next-five-years.html

Meanwhile, here is a most fantastic exercise:

The Assignment


  • A pen — not a pencil; there is no editing or refinement — no “perfectionism” allowed — the ink is for a sacred, binding, contractual commitment.
  • A new, one-subject spiral notebook. You use a single-subject spiral notebook for a couple of reasons — it’s generally the least expensive, easiest to find — it’s “disposable”; you don’t want a “precious” journal here — and the spiral represents Time on a conceptual, magical level.

Rules of Execution

  • Imagine your life as it will be (as you desire it to be) five years from now, in as much detail as possible.
  • List every detail of your future life you can possibly think of — no matter how fantastic or mundane.
  • List each item / detail in the present tense.
  • Start each item on a new line with an empty line in between — this is a huge list, not paragraphs of prose.
  • Use only the front side of each page.
  • Fill as much of the notebook as you can, preferably in one sitting and no longer than a single day. (I wrote most of my list in an afternoon and part of that evening, leaving the book open and coming back to it throughout the day as I thought of new items to add.)
  • When the day is over, your notebook is full, or you run out of new details to list, whichever happens first, you seal the pages in an envelope. (You can tear the pages out and put them in a regular letter-sized envelope, or you can put the entire notebook in a large, brown magazine-sized envelope.)
  • Address the envelope to yourself and date it exactly five years into the future. (Be sure and put your name on it, so that if someone else were to run across it, or you forget what’s inside, at least it’s understood who’s supposed to open it.)
  • Put it somewhere safe, somewhere you can both forget about it for awhile and eventually find it again.
  • Do not open it until that date five years into the future!

I would highly encourage you to visit Slade’s website to take in his thoughts and revelations about himself.  I would also highly encourage you to do this exercise for yourself.

Remember…think about how you want to evolve from where you are now – to where you desire to be. Release habitual thinking, tune down the filters and let yourself run free. You WILL amaze yourself.