I was sitting outside relaxing on my deck. I had a can of sparkling lemonade as a refreshment, put the can down on the table and just sat back. In no time at all, a honey bee buzzed over to the can, walked around on the rim, then went down inside.

Hm. Guess I won’t continue slurping on that drink!

The honey bee flew out…kinda crazy like, after all…there is caffeine in the sparkling lemonade. A while later, the bee came back. Did the same thing. He did this several times. After awhile I picked the can up, emptied out the contents and took the can to the recycling bin. I sat back down in the chair.

The bee returned. Looked for the lemonade. He left. Then returned. Again and again.  Each time he returned he got a bit more agitated. All these lovely flowers around and he was ticked off that his lemonade was gone.

Well…then I realized. How often do we mentally return to something…over and over again and get agitated.

Sometimes it is best to move on to the flowers that we can actually enjoy.