You never liked it

When I used your eyes to scry

“stop looking at me”

A voice filled with indignant humor…


But the night in Yosemite

That’s all you wanted from me –

Allowing me to use my

Haunting ability…


Hypnotized…I gazed

While your voice mesmerized me

inside of a tale


A vocal seduction –

Telling me of three…


one I would lose

one I would marry

one I would love

(A campfire and full moon

can create

Interesting apparitions

Inside dark eyes)


Time has mesmerized, seduced and

been indignant to me

I’ve successfully avoided

Dark eyes and campfires

                                                (holding on to the moon)

I am realizing

You sound better when

I can’t hear you.


And I’ve stopped using eyes to scry –

The future looks better

When I can’t see it.