What would happen if we all took off our masks. Would the world really be thrown into chaos because we would all suddenly lose all inhibitions and immediately go into greed and selfishness? Are there souls that really are gentle, pure and radiate all that is good? What is learned? What are we born with? Really. We speculate nurture and nature all the time. There is compelling evidence supporting both sides.

In the end, I believe we are all wearing masks. I think the thing that kills us is the energy used to keep the masks in working order.

My mask involves coloring my hair, tweezing my eyebrows, defuzzing my face, putting eye-drops in my eyes to take away the red, color on my lips…sometimes color on the rest of my face. Even my red, chunky glasses are a form of covering…what if I got contacts so just my face showed. Blue eyes blazing. I wear clothes that I really don’t care for…if I really “unmasked” my body I would be fine with allowing my cleavage to be free…because I really do have incredible cleavage. I carry weight that I could lose rapidly – if I wanted to look differently. I’m usually polite, even though in my head I’m really thinking, “fuck you”, and I really am very selfish and demanding. But I hide that too. Who wants a selfish and demanding friend? At the same time I’m extremely generous…but I don’t show too much of that either as most don’t accept my generosity, or wonder what I want in return. Nothing…until I DO want something. Give and take afterall. I ACT like I’m ok with all the love and light that the New Thought movement has brought into the world, but I really don’t like all the warm fuzzy encounters. I’d rather be bowling. Or dancing until drenched in sweat in a steamy club…but I don’t do that either.

Why not?

Appearances. Discomfort. Not wanting to explain myself.

Sometimes I just want to dress all in black and disappear into the night and see where I end up. No rules. But then, I want to return to home base.

We are all creatures of comfort. Masks of comfort. How much of our lives are we wasting…keeping up the comfort. Keeping our masks clean. Sometimes I feel like ‘a spark of creativity surrounded by machines‘ (thxto John Twelve Hawks for that image).

I want to be…..something…..authentic. But I fear the repercussions. I wonder where I would fit in… I have become very comfortable, yet unstable with my current mask. I feel it starting to crack.

And that isn’t a bad thing. It is a curious thing.