Never mind all the cliche’s. I’m just starting. First step, long journey…so on and so forth.

Most individuals prefer to begin at a nice, expected starting point. Jan 1, or a Monday, or the first day of a month…a milestone date (anniversary of another event)…beginning of a school year.  Ok, so I’m cheating a little because I’m starting before the Fall 2009 semester begins at a local junior college. Still, it isn’t the first day of the year, or month.  My birthday isn’t until January, and it’s going to be an “odd” one anyway.

No matter. Anyone can being a journey at any point in time. No need to wait for any special day. Just start.

I’ve named this blog “The Daily Evolution” because that really is what my journey is going to be about. Choices made every day that will propel me into changing aspects of my life that no longer serve me. I have a general idea of what I want that life to look like (to be shared at a later date)…but I am realizing that as much as I plan, I can never know what factors may be introduced into my life that will distract, turn or stop me cold in my tracks. In can happen.

When a new factor is introduced, one adjusts, changes and these changes accumulate. Over time, substantial changes culminates in the emergence of a new person.

Or, that is what I believe.

Let’s see what happens over time.